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[J-Drama] Gokusen 3

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1 [J-Drama] Gokusen 3 la data de Mar Mar 01, 2011 4:56 am

Saito Ryu

Also known as Gokusen 第3期 / 極道鮮師 3

Genre: Comedy, School
Category: Japanese Drama
Film Date: April, 2008
Episodes: 11

Kumiko “Yankumi” Yamaguchi (Yukie Nakama) lives in the world of Yakuzas as the 4th generation heir of Oedo clan. She is self-sacrificing to protect the weak, she’s tough at fighting, and she firmly believes in the importance of friendship, dreams and family. Yankumi growing in a world different from others makes her view life in a way others couldn't see. That's what she tries to teach her students... she wants to reach them out and convey what she herself learned... Her ex-boss, Goro Sawatari (Katsuhisa Namase) now works at Akado Gakuen High School as a vice principal. Although the head director of the school board Rroko Akagi (Kyoko Eba) specifically orders him to handle the problematic class, 3-D, it was way too much for him. Sawatari then tried to reach Yankumi and went far away to a southern island to find Yankumi, and convince her to work for Akado Gakuen High School. Yankumi accepted the offer , only to find out that she'll teaching bunch of mean students. Not only that, there are two group fighting over "who'll rule Akodou" thing. Will Yankumi’s strong belief in students and teaching work this time?

Casts: Ishiguro Hideo, Miura Haruma, Nakama Junta, Nakama Yukie, Takaki Yuya

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你 是 漂亮的
[nĭ shi piāo liàng de ]

G_ZiYU:Bie shou wo mei you du liang hai zai she li kua zhang
Jui lian qiu bi te ye shuo wo si ta de bang yang
Wo yii ding neng rang mei ran yu zhan zai lu di shang

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